Why Are Electric Medical Beds Equipped with CPR?

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Electric Medical Beds are equipped with CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) functionality for emergency situations when a patient's heart and breathing have stopped or are in distress. 

CPR is a lifesaving technique that involves chest compressions and rescue breaths to restore the flow of oxygenated blood to the brain and other vital organs. Time is of the essence in such situations, and having an electric medical bed with CPR functionality allows medical personnel to quickly and easily perform this lifesaving technique on a patient who is lying down.

The CPR functionality of an electric medical bed typically includes a quick-release mechanism that allows the head and foot sections of the bed to be lowered rapidly to a flat position, allowing for the administration of chest compressions. Additionally, the bed may have a backrest that can be quickly elevated to facilitate rescue breathing.

Having CPR functionality on an electric medical bed can be critical in saving a patient's life in an emergency situation. It provides medical personnel with a stable and secure platform to perform CPR, allowing them to focus on the patient's care and well-being.

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