Application of Silica Sol Investment Casting Technology

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Friends who work in the casting field are very clear that silica sol investment casting is also called investment casting. Such a production process is a casting process with less or no drilling. Silica-sol precision casting At the same time, it is also a very professional production process in the foundry field.

Silica sol investment casting is not only suitable for the casting of various types and various metals, but the dimensional accuracy and surface quality of the castings produced by this technical silica sol casting process are higher than those produced by other casting methods. It is much higher, and it is even a complex, difficult-to-process, heat-resistant casting that is difficult to cast by other casting methods. If we want to produce products with a relatively simple appearance and small size, but with high dimensional accuracy requirements, we can first choose aluminum profiles or cast carbon steel for processing.

The advantage of using steel molds is that the material price is low; the disadvantage is that the molds are relatively heavy, and there are certain requirements for processing knives. For some manual productions, it is more laborious. If the shape is complicated, the precision requirements are high, and the product size is relatively large, it can be considered for silica-sol precision casting. Compared with steel templates, aluminum alloy templates are characterized by a lighter weight, and there are no requirements for CNC blades in the production and processing of molds. high. Of course, the cost of raw materials is slightly higher.

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